Everyone doesn’t have the comfort of covers..
Do you think about those who have to seek out the places to bring them shelter for the night?
Do you think about those who sleep in open places with no protection from the coolness of the dark skies? 
It’s so real, that it wells the tears in my eyes. 
Those who are out there sleeping under the night sky, for you do I write this one in the lateness of the night. 
Thoughts of you cover my mind. 

Praying for strength going up to my God, the Most High. 
It’s easy to judge those who beg on the street. 

As we love to stare with judgmental eyes while riding in our luxurious car seats. 
Isn’t it quite funny, how we can have a place of security and feel complete in our wealth. But in the blink of an eye our finances can go into stealth—mode. 
Thus shifting one to survival mode. 

No longer owning a humble abode. 
Causing one to travel with bags, no mobile home. 
This ones for my friend, sleeping under the stars. 
I pray for protection and a great covering,

Wherever you are. 



How do I let go of the pain?

The pain I feel every time I hear your name.
Resurfaces the anguish of my youthful years
Where I cried rivers of endless tears

How do I let go of the pain? 
Of carrying your name with me everywhere I go

Heck I even look like you from head to toe 
Wherever you went I wanted to go

Just because,

I wanted you to stick around.

You know? 

How do I let go of the pain?
Of when I first started to notice a difference

To the point of you not being able to form full sentences

Dazed out your mind 

Off of only God knows what substance 
We were once flowing in so much abundance! 

How do I let go of the pain?
Knowing of what you were capable of 

What you could’ve been

Of what you were way back when 
Way before you let sin in

You were glowing from within 
I used to watch you in utter amazement 

Thrilled at the possibility of walking in your footsteps 
Right beside you 

I always wanted to help 
So how do I let go of the pain?

When I look into your eyes..

She has the most beautiful brown eyes that I’ve ever seen
Staring deeply into them takes me to the best of all scenes 
To a place where we both are together arm lengths apart 
At the top of the altar just minutes apart 
From starting our lives together as husband and wife 
Man!! This is going to be the start of a brand new life! 
I now pronounce you Man and Wife 
Is all I can hear, surrounded by the sounds of wedding bells near
My knees are weak, I’m trying with all my strength not to buckle and fall
My Lord, My Lord, be my strength through it all
Please keep me from running away in excitement 
I can’t believe she is the one you have created to be my wife, Man!
Lord you’re my Best Man indeed!

For You knew exactly what I needed. 

Beautiful Reign 

This rain is falling so effortlessly
Makes me think of the pain that you endured endlessly
Bruises and lashes 

Upon Your back  
All to see me in a place 

Free from lack.
Tears flowing like the rivers 

that never run dry 
It’s okay to see rain

Because, God 

The love you have for me 

had you on a cross, on Calvary.
The rain represents the tears

That you wanted to shed for me
You spoke well, 

And made yourself a servant 

To all men 
Servants cry 

Because they withstand 

The toughest of tasks
But on their faces 

they wear the best of all masks

A smile when you’re hurt on the inside 

A laugh when you’re in the midst of crowds expecting miracles 

A parable in front of the masses

A smirk when you’re showered with a box of alabaster 

They didn’t see their Messiah cry

The many tears for the years 

Of the afflicted pain
Let it rain, let it rain

My God, it’s okay 
You cry openly, 

For the many souls you came down to save

And even those who love to reject your name 
I’m thankful for the rain,

It lets me know that you feel just the same
There’s so much beauty in the trial and travail
Dry your eyes, my King 

For Your Glory, prevails. 

Infallible Help

Lord, they say you walked with so many infallible proofs..

I just want for you to show me the infallible you!
Miracles, Signs and Wonders 
Healing, Deliverance and Sounds of Thunder
with a peaceful tone..

My Lord being with you takes me into another zone.
To a place of peace and clarity.

You fill my heart with so much joy and charity.
I can’t just hold this One to myself.

Three in One

You’re my infallible help.


Seycasso the Artist

Eusebio Arias the 3rd

Born on May twenty 3rd

He heard about the Word

and ever since has  been oh so stirred.

There’s Power in threes…

Walking through flames of fire—

No burning trees.

Created to set free

And to touch the hearts of many familes.

Hear ye, Hear Ye

The gospel of Jesus is real,

Please let him take the wheel.

Just pray to God up above

And say Lord I surrender my will. 🙏🏿✨.


Instant Actraction. 

Instant attraction 
God gave us the satisfaction 
Of being the center of each other’s 

heart what a great faction

Oh God how they hated! 

Your pure soul!

The walked on your love with 

the bottoms of their soles

Jay for Jordan that’s all they could atone u

Your love isn’t to be played with 

You give us so much love 

you’ve given 

Me a queen someone to play

And cry 

Lay and pray 
The possibilities 

are endless 

God as my witness

He brought our love together 

so we could surround 

The cities and nations with 

the sound of Gods love 
Sey the psalmist 

Chanelle the artist
Greatest edition

Better than the most special edition 

She has a sense of direction 

And My Lord you are perfection. 
Thank you for everything 

My stylish parent. ❤️. 

Valentines View 

Valentines type view
Every night and morning I get the best of all views 
Sky lines, city lights, 

even down to our candle light dates 
No need to worry

 just know that 

You’re always in first place
Shift the order of importance of it all 

by surrounding God and you above it all

Lord! My Lord this is better than pay per view!
Can’t wait til sit up a mountain top

As we open up spiritually and connect with fresh new starts 

Praise God from the open windows of hearts 
As I draw nearer and nearer 

While I watch the arms of the clock drop drop 

I wish I could press replay 

and enjoy every single moment

of when we pray
Pray. Laugh. Grow. 

This is something I cannot wait to explore. 
Life with you, and life more intimately

As we hold hands 

and walk down the blocks

of these Cali streets 
Good God! In your word is where I need to be 
To learn how to treat my Queen,

my Prom Date, and My First Lady 

As the woman that she was destined to be 
Well taken care for and not always spoken for 

She has a beautiful sound and it’s all so soothing 
Lord her words make a young G feel like he’s cruising 

Back in my younger days 

Light up before I hit the road 

I stayed with them love Jones 
Love got me writing so many 

different love poems

Pushed by God and captivated by her 

She’s my fresh out the dryer 

Warm, sweet, home knit sweater of love 

I will always send her my 

free form letters of love 
Directly to her inbox 

or even her Marco Polo drop box

Leaving short messages throughout the day 

Let my Lady know I’m missing her 

like everyday 

As she sprinkles the light of God 

in the words that she says 

Can’t wait to see you

I’m in the spirit—airline that is 

God has me on spirit airline with it 

I will not acquit it

God as my witness 

Yes I do pledge to tell the truth 

and nothing but the truth
You see God all of this 

is only because of you! 

So I’ll rest and rule 

In your extended mercy 
And thank God that He 

sent me someone who 

will never hurt me, intentionally 
I know that as we become one 

With the Son 

we will learn how to love each other intentionally 

Despite our differences 

We have so much beauty 

that’ lies on the depths within 
She sees me for who I am 

And I see her as she is

I’m her man! 

Y’all gotta understand 
That this is Gods doing he had the best of plans! 
For us to be together 

Enduring whatever weather 
Lord this is my forever 
Love of my life 
Are you ready for whatever? 


I’m feeling enamored

Oh Lord, I’m feeling empowered. 

By your Holy Spirit, Son of God 

you reign in truth and in power! 

Allow this seed to bloom into a flower. 

I want for you to get the glory

Not only for my life but for my family to be 

Lord I can’t stop thanking you for my beautiful wife to be 

She pushes me to do great and 

I’m so thankful that 

we can smile from ear to ear no matter how late the time may be

My Lord she is so past any routine 

Everyday with her can be so pristine

She’s such a classy woman, 

Yes! The one of my dreams! 

You’ve blessed me beyond measure

 and that is for sure, that

Lord this is the woman of the year!